One of The Largest Settlements in Canadian History | Jeremy Diamond

In April, Louciana H. Was an eight year old 3rd grade school child sitting on the back seat of her father’s van. The roads were icy that day, causing her father to lose control and crash into moving vehicles, causing her to feel ejected from the van.

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She suffered enormous head injuries and was hurried to the Hospital for Sick Children, Exactly where the trauma team is unsure if she would endure. She did survive and stayed a few months in care facilities. When she was discharged house, her mom took over where the hospital staff left off and made many personal sacrifices while her father continued to run the family business. Her mother worked extremely hard with a multidisciplinary group of health professionals to help her with her rehabilitation. Even with all the help she was receiving, it soon became clear that Louisiana would never work in gainful employment and would require day-and-night care.

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Louciana’s injuries and losses were considerable, and so were the losses felt by louciana’s family. A law firm of the Personal Injury Jeremy Diamond had been contacted to help her family members protected her future. She was an excellent student, and revealed a love of music by taking piano and singing lessons. Now restricted mainly to a wheelchair, Louciana requires assistance throughout the day to assist with mobility, speech and language, her school work, and social skills.

personal injury lawyerAfter substantial arrangements before trial, a law firm of the Personal Injury Jeremy Diamond settled Louciana’s claim for damages for $12,550,000, which means one of the largest settlements in Canadian history. While she will continue to effort with her disabilities for the rest of her lifestyle, this settlement confirms a secure future with her goals being met.